Next generation electron devices and systems in clean technologies and environment improvement for 
  • High performance screening machines 
  • Optically transparent RF filters 
  • Intelligent grid modeling and physical design
  • Sensor safety and wireless network security 
  • Transparent and weightless antennas and radars 
  • Millimeter and sub-millimeter wave communications 
  • Medical imaging and penetration detection instruments
  • Solar cells and ultra long life batteries
  • Multifunctional ceramics
  • Energy efficiency
  • High energy physics

Management Team and Resources

BuckyTech has a staff of highly skilled employees in management, marketing, manufacturing, sale, and technology, most of whom hold Ph.D. degrees. They perform research and production activities in state-of-the-art facilities.BuckyTech has a very professional management team whose members have been leadersof industries, research institutes, and organizations.BuckyTech’s rapid growth has been achieved through a successful commercializationstrategy based on in-house manufacturing and commercial instate and off shorepartnerships.