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An Introduction on BuckyTech

    We are producing next generation screening machines -- Silent Resonant Screening Machines (SRSM) using highly efficient miniature electro- mechanical devices and systems to improve energy efficiency, particle separation yields, and working conditions with reduced noise levels in the work places and stations, manufacturing process lines, and environment.

We are manufacturing next generation RF filters --Optically Transparent RF Filters (OTRF) in millimeter  and sub-millimeter waves  for sensing, antennas and radars design, wireless communications, electromagnetic interference (EMI),  RF interference (RFI), high power microwave detectors, and entertainment. For nontransparent applications, the lightweight OTRF can dramatically reduce the weight of power wiring and RF signal harnesses, connection and packaging, while it will reduce the heavy cost of EMI shielding.

We are also working on other innovative high technologies for next
generation electron devices and systems. 
We are in frontier research and product development in new  energy sources, RF communications, semiconductor processing, automotive efficiency, high energy physics, medical and biomedical, and life improvement.